Some Tips To Stormproof Your Air Conditioner In Katy, Texas

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Some Tips To Stormproof  Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to weather,  We have some of the most beautiful weather here in Katy, Texas. Most of the time also no doubt that the weather keeps changing as nobody can control nature. But there are occasions when we see some real damage from winds and rains, not to mention lightning. As these affect not only the exterior parts of the home but also some times to your Air Conditioner.

While you can’t & won’t is able to avoid bad storm at some occasions, However, there are some things that you can do to make sure the amount of damage is minimized. It is always recommended to take some good precautions in every aspect to protect your AC Unit to avoid damage. If you want some immediate assistance the call for professional help SW AC Repair.

Cover Your AC Unit

One of the many precautions that you can take when you expect a storm is to cover your AC Unit.While we don’t advocate covering an AC for long periods of time because you’re inviting rust and mold if you do, we do favor covering it up before a large storm hits, such as a hurricane. Only to avoid major damage to the parts with heavy winds blowing.

It is recommended to Cover it with a waterproof tarp that is held in place by sandbags. This will keep debris and frightened animals out of the unit. This also provides some protection against hail, which we could see with tornadic activity. This method will provide your AC Unit some basic protection.

Once the storm has passed, remove your tarp. Leaving it on during humid conditions, especially if your electricity is out and the unit isn’t running, could invite mold and rust. As this is not recommended to keep it covered even after the storm has passed.
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