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New Murrieta Solar Company in Murrieta

if you want to save on your energy bill there has never been better time to go solar. Murrieta solar is a new company that is about to change the game. We are going tell you things that no other company is willing to say. For example many solar companies will try to put as many panels up on your roof as possible. Not all bust most will try to make the most money was possible. You might think that more is better but if you don’t need the extra energy you are just wasting money. Here is how we can help. We look at your current usage and your electric bills. We then calculate exactly the amount of panels you will need installed. We are a solar power company you can trust and have been installing here in Murrieta for a very long time. If that isn’t enough proof you can always take a look at our solar panel murrieta page on yelp. You will see we have 5 star reviews all round the internet. The next time your thinking of getting  a free solar quote you need to think about calling us. Now watch our video and when your done go to our website and schedule an appointment today. Let us help you destroy your electric bill. Have the utility companies start paying you for a change.


  • 42270 Wild Mustang Rd
    Murrieta, CA 92562
  • Phone number (951) 357-6457


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Why Quietcool Fans Were The Answer For My Murrieta Home

More and more I have been seeing these trucks drive past me with words like “whole house fans” “attic fans” “quietcool.” It didn’t occur to me what this stuff was and how it would benefit me until I was looking to buy a home here in Murrieta. I never heard of these things in Orange County but out here seems like more people use them. While I was house shopping my realtor was talking to me about how great these fans are and how a whole house fan install would save me a bunch of money and cool down my house in seconds!

Yup, you heard right…in seconds. So how does it work? For those that hate reading at the bottom I provided a video that explains pretty well how it works. If you love to read on then let me explain. Traditionally we all mostly use central air to cool down our houses. Obviously the longer you run your ac unit the higher your electric bill will be. On summer days the heat will be so intense that your air conditioner will have to be running all day. Even at night time all the hot air is trapped in the attic and the ac will have to battle that too. When using a attic fan it sucks all the hot air in your house and pushes it outside. While bringing in all the cool air from the outside. So on a hot summer day it won’t help you much but imagine you get home from work and it’s cooling down outside. Thats when you want to use it.

I had Cool Naturally supply me with a Quietcool Fan System. For this past month it has been working great and we have saved a lot on our electric bill. These fans can be very affordable too. I saw some at home depot for around $300 bucks. Here is another story of someone needing a whole house fan in murrieta.

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Searching For The Best Carpet Cleaner in Murrieta?

I don’t know why but I hate the idea of hiring a carpet cleaner. I have two dogs and it was stupid of me to think like this. Well yesterday was the last straw for me. The whole reasonging behind me not wanting to hire a company for carpet cleaning Murrieta was simple. It was all about saving myself money. Also because I had a store bought bissel carpet cleaner but it never really did the job. I even rented one of those cleaners at the grocery store and still no luck. That dog piss smell would not come out or the dreadfull odor would not go away.

I knew my last and only hope was to call a company like Healthy Home Services. They are local right here in murrieta and they specialize in this sort of thing. The reason why I went with them is because they are really big on green products. I had them over today and was very pleased with how everything came out. They steam cleaned all the problem areas that my dogs love to visit at night. I am so happy that now I don’t have to have new carpet installed now. For a job done right call these guys. HEALTHY HOME SERVICES 39252 Winchester Rd. #107367, Murrieta, CA. 92563 ​866-960-9692.

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A Child Day Care Center That Gives Your Child A Head Start

Give your child a head start in life and enroll them in preschool. You hear all the time how important preschool is but sadly so many parents don’t bother. I don’t think money is an excuses due to all the government and Murrieta funded child care centers for lower income families. Even before they are 4 even a day care center will teach your child to socialize and do much better when they start kindergarten. When they are 4 years old you should enroll your kids in a learning center in your city. Murrieta has quite a few to choose from and they fill up fast. I would start with a preschool murrieta closest to you. You can enroll your kids in once a weeks or even 3 times a week. From what i am told it is totally worth it to enroll your kids in as many days as possible. Most parents including myself do only 2 times a week. Until I heard from a friend how much an extra day makes on your kids future. So after that talk I did the 3 times a week program.

If you just throw you kid right into kindergarten without going to preschool your child wont have a chance. While other kids are thriving your child we be stuggling to keep up. I see a few of these kids each year and even some friends too. One time at a friends house this topic came up. We mentioned how great our daughter was doing and they said how they don’t like our schools education program. Well come to find out their kid didn’t go to preschool. So there you go, the connection if obvoius. 2 kids in the same class room, same teacher and one does better than the other. Of course parents are a factor too but the moral of the story is it’s a great idea to give your child a head start in life. If you live in murrieta go to 29910 Hunter Road, #104 Murrieta, CA 92563 or call 951-304-7777 now. You can see many of thier fun photos at stepping stones facebook page and tumblr page.

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